Word Vocabulary Games - Verb Noun Lists

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1. v. pocket

    (a)     to give; to contribute; to grant; to bestow
    (b)     to transfer control from governmental to individual powers
    (c)     to make a remark; to explain; to write an explanatory note
    (d)     to profit; to roll a ball into a hole (Billiards)

2. v. attach

    (a)     to fasten; to link to; to add; to ascribe to; to connect to
    (b)     to give out; to distribute; to ration; to set aside for a special purpose
    (c)     to delay; to obstruct; to hinder; to prevent; to thwart
    (d)     to label; to fine

3. v. subsidize

    (a)     to bore a hole; to practice; to train; to sow seeds in rows
    (b)     to provide financial assistance
    (c)     to deal in; to sell
    (d)     to save; to cut back; to be thrifty; to be frugal

4. v. get over

    (a)     to emphasize; to accentuate
    (b)     to cushion; to fill; to fill out; to walk; to go by foot
    (c)     to recover
    (d)     to prove; to verify; to confirm; to actualize

5. v. tour
    (a)     to keep in existence; to preserve; to support; to provide for
    (b)     to alter; to change; to fluctuate
    (c)     to sightsee; to voyage; to travel
    (d)     to display; to demonstrate; to bestow; to grant

6. v. prize

    (a)     to accompany someone; to appear; to advance; to succeed
    (b)     to reinforce; to bind together; to strengthen a connection
    (c)     to illustrate; to elucidate; to interpret; to describe; to define
    (d)     to appreciate; to esteem; to respect; to appraise; to assess worth

7. n. additive

    (a)     person who favors political and social reform
    (b)     supplement
    (c)     development; progress
    (d)     person who presides over court trials; arbiter; expert; critic

8. v. calendar

    (a)     to take away part of a whole; to remove; to deduct
    (b)     to cushion; to fill; to fill out; to walk; to go by foot
    (c)     to prepare a financial plan; to make financial arrangements
    (d)     to write down in a timetable; to register

9. v. stem

    (a)     to use as an introduction; to use as a foreword
    (b)     to invite; to speak loudly; to visit; to phone
    (c)     to arise; to come from; to originate; to stop; to check
    (d)     to measure; to evaluate; to determine; to estimate

10. v. major

    (a)     to leaf through a book; to surf Internet websites
    (b)     to place in particular situations
    (c)     to defend; to save from harm; to watch over; to guard
    (d)     to specialize in a certain field

check you score : 1.d 2.a 3.b 4.c 5.c 6.d 7.b 8.d 9.c 10.d

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