Vocabulary Words - List of Verbs Nouns Adjectives

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1. v. edge

    (a)     to calculate; to figure; to estimate
    (b)     to sharpen; to provide with a border; to advance gradually or furtively
    (c)     to train; to certify; to meet the minimum standards; to moderate; to modify
    (d)     to originate; to create; to design; to fabricate; to concoct

2. v. sight

    (a)     to see with the eyes; to view; to notice; to discern; to observe
    (b)     to fail after starting well; to make a hissing noise which gradually fades into silence
    (c)     to draft into military service; to voluntarily join a cause
    (d)     to devise; to invent; to dream up; to design (often in a negative way)
3. n. nationality

    (a)     citizenship; patriotism
    (b)     act of giving in to desire; something which gratifies; luxury; leniency
    (c)     enterprise; drive; ambition; beginning move in a process; first step
    (d)     action; step; criterion; amount; degree; extent
4. n. standard

    (a)     model; criterion; norm; average; commodity which backs a monetary system
    (b)     person who puts money into a project
    (c)     viewpoint, opinion; siting; locus; location; place; job
    (d)     equipment; device for lifting and lowering objects
5. v. floor

    (a)     to take a risk in order to achieve a goal
    (b)     to knock down; to astound; to shock
    (c)     to catalog; to list; to enumerate; to set down in full detail
    (d)     to make a scheme; to plot; to design; to contrive; to think up
6. n. domestic

    (a)     caution; wisdom; careful judgment
    (b)     obstacle; misfortune; something which hinders progress
    (c)     plentifulness; abundance; numerousness; plurality
    (d)     housemaid; servant; housekeeper
7. adj. recognizable

    (a)     identifiable; determinable; able to be distinguished
    (b)     pertaining to home; pertaining to family; tame (about an animal)
    (c)     being one fourth; having four equal parts
    (d)     familiar; close; intimate; informed; aware
8. v. jeopardize

    (a)     to transport via locomotive; to convey by train
    (b)     to postpone; to disgust; to repulse; to deter
    (c)     to understand; to comprehend; to accomplish; to convert into cash; to liquidate
    (d)     to endanger; to place in danger; to imperil; to put at risk
9. n. decrease

    (a)     large craft made for navigation on water; boat; ship; container
    (b)     disorder; embarrassment; bewilderment
    (c)     something unyielding; something hard; stone similar to diamond
    (d)     decline; reduction; lessening
10. n. sign

    (a)     advantage; profit; help; benefit
    (b)     learning; field of learning; thorough investigation; report; analysis
    (c)     drink; refreshment
    (d)     mark; symbol; indication; hint; trace; notice; advertisement

check you score : 1.b 2.a 3.a 4.a 5.b 6.d 7.a 8.d 9.d 10.d

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