Vocabulary Words - English Nouns Verbs

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1. n. goal

    (a)     strong feeling or idea left by an experience; effect; vague memory
    (b)     panel containing buttons for connecting and disconnecting telephone or electrical circuits
    (c)     prejudice; tendency; leaning
    (d)     target; aim; purpose; objective; destination
2. n. correlation

    (a)     gross revenues; total business done; rate of selling or producing
    (b)     one who serves tables at a restaurant or pub
    (c)     external part or surface of something
    (d)     mutual connection (between two or more things); similarity; parallel
3. n. declaration

    (a)     arrangement; structure; organization; hoax; configuration of hardware or software (Computers)
    (b)     route through traveled by vehicles above ground level
    (c)     confidence; faith; credit; monopoly; several companies banded together in order to reduce competition
    (d)     statement; proclamation; announcement
4. n. suit

    (a)     person who translates from one language to another (orally); person how clarifies; commentator
    (b)     deletion; act of unmarking; removal of a mark from a check box (Computers)
    (c)     matching outfit consisting of a jacket and trousers or a skirt; request; courtship
    (d)     blunder; fault; error
5. n. tradition

    (a)     profit from the difference between costs and net sales
    (b)     banknote printed by a government as legal tender which is not redeemable and which lacks economic value
    (c)     custom; practice; convention
    (d)     tip; bonus; recompense
6. n. wrong

    (a)     injustice; evil; bad; broken law; transgression
    (b)     sale of products to final consumers; sale of goods to end users
    (c)     reduced price; sale on particular items; extra newspaper edition
    (d)     attitude; stance; opinion
7. n. attentiveness

    (a)     graphic symbol which represents a company or organization
    (b)     certificate; written file
    (c)     concentration; ability to concentrate on an issue
    (d)     group of people who attend a seminar, a talk, etc.
8. v. institute
    (a)     to establish; to set up; to begin; to initiate; to start
    (b)     to stand up; to get into an upright position; to climb; to ascend
    (c)     to solidify
    (d)     to amass; to accumulate; to supply; to equip
9. n. repair

    (a)     harvesting machine
    (b)     section; piece; region; role; function; side in an agreement
    (c)     ethic; lesson; principle
    (d)     act of fixing; correction; act of mending
10. n. counter

    (a)     bar; counting device
    (b)     part; district; paragraph; passage; department; unit
    (c)     computer which can serve many users simultaneously
    (d)     quantity; sum

check you score : 1.d 2.d 3.d 4.c 5.c 6.a 7.c 8.a 9.d 10.a

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