Vocabulary Words - English Adjectives Verbs Nouns Adverbs

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1. adj. total
    (a)     strange; unfamiliar; from or of another place; pertaining to dealings with another country
    (b)     having a thin edge intended for cutting; sudden; clear; smart
    (c)     productive; in operation; impressive; striking
    (d)     entire; complete; absolute
2. v. solve

    (a)     to modernize; to make current
    (b)     to ascend; to up; to slope upward; to move upward gradually
    (c)     to find the answer to; to explain
    (d)     to suck up; take up; take in
3. n. vessel

    (a)     exercise; assignment given to a student; something to be studied and learned
    (b)     large craft made for navigation on water; boat; ship; container
    (c)     deliverance; act of saving from danger or injury; act of freeing from risk
    (d)     day, month and year according to the calendar; interview; meeting
4. v. fertilize

    (a)     to end; to sum up; to complete; to conclude
    (b)     to devise; to conceive; to develop; to plan
    (c)     to arrive; to obtain; to procure; to extend the arm outward
    (d)     to impregnate; to inseminate; to enrich the soil by the addition of organic or chemical substances
5. n. embrace

    (a)     group of ships, cars, trucks or other vehicles
    (b)     hug; act of wrapping one's arms around another person or thing
    (c)     luck; wealth; chance; success; riches
    (d)     refusal to accept; refusal to believe; refusal to recognize
6. adv. solely

    (a)     infrequently; not often; seldom
    (b)     at a further point
    (c)     particularly
    (d)     only; exclusively; merely
7. adv. subjectively

    (a)     as a result; therefore
    (b)     at fixed intervals; at evenly-spaced intervals; usually; customarily
    (c)     based on individual thoughts and feelings
    (d)     comfortably; without great difficulty or effort
8. n. good

    (a)     product; item; asset; benefit
    (b)     car; wagon; coach; carriage; trolley
    (c)     consciousness
    (d)     criterion; measure; point of reference for comparison
9. adj. coordinate

    (a)     unbearable; cannot be done; cannot be endured
    (b)     tasty; having a pleasant taste or smell
    (c)     decayed; decomposed; putrid; spoiled; despicable
    (d)     equal; equivalent; of equal rank or authority
10. v. operate

    (a)     to establish communication; to make a connection; to link to; to connect with
    (b)     to act; to function; to manage; to use; to activate; to perform surgery
    (c)     to make changes in order to improve something; to edit; to correct
    (d)     to compile; to increase; to accumulate; to grow

check you score : 1.d 2.c 3.b 4.d 5.b 6.d 7.c 8.a 9.d 10.b

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