Vocabulary Quizzes - Example of Nouns Verbs Adverbs Adjectives

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1. n. senior

    (a)     replacement; person or thing that takes the place of another
    (b)     person of higher rank; older person; elder
    (c)     postponement; hindrance; hold-up; stopping; lingering
    (d)     beginning phase of a project; babyhood
2. n. recommendation

    (a)     request for one's presence; summons; call
    (b)     endorsement; approval; letter of reference; suggestion; advice
    (c)     researcher; investigator; software program for file management
    (d)     period of one hundred years
3. v. enclose

    (a)     to increase; to intensify; to improve; to raise the value of
    (b)     to agree; to reconcile; to be in concert with
    (c)     to surround; to confine; to close in; to place an additional document or letter within another
    (d)     to send a letter or other item via the postal service; to post
4. n. refund

    (a)     midpoint; middle; equally far from two extremes; average
    (b)     return of money; repayment; reimbursement
    (c)     option; selection; variety
    (d)     pact; contract; accord; consent; concurrence
5. v. interfere

    (a)     to give up; to renounce; to deny; to disavow; to retract
    (b)     to remove the contents of
    (c)     to record for evidence; to write down; to substantiate
    (d)     to impede; to obstruct; to hinder; to meddle
6. v. voice

    (a)     to ruin financially; to go bust; to go broke; to collapse
    (b)     to raise an opinion; to adjust the tone of
    (c)     to operate; to activate; to manage; to direct; to carry out; to fulfill
    (d)     to make strong; to fortify; to reinforce; to toughen
7.adv. upwards

    (a)     to a higher level; more than; higher than
    (b)     nearly; about; around; circa
    (c)     after all others; finally; at the end; most recently
    (d)     progressively
8. v. close

    (a)     to certify; to recognize; to assign; to license
    (b)     to provide additional details; to plan carefully and with great detail; to produce; to develop
    (c)     to advance; to encourage; to promote; to assist
    (d)     to shut; to be shut; to finish; to complete
9. adj. fraught

    (a)     customary
    (b)     full of or accompanied by; charged with; laden with
    (c)     cautioning; giving advice about danger
    (d)     obligated; certain; fastened; tied
10. v. loom

    (a)     to temporarily cease working as a protest; to impress
    (b)     to examine accounts and other financial records
    (c)     to appear as a large and indistinct form; to appear as larger than life; to impend
    (d)     to rotate; to turn; to spin; to encircle; to think about; to contemplate

check you score : 1.b 2.b 3.c 4.b 5.d 6.b 7.a 8.d 9.b 10.c

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