ESL English Vocabulary - Noun Adjective Lists

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1. n. watch

    (a)     appraisal; estimation; assessment
    (b)     financial framework; financial plan
    (c)     place used by planes for takeoff and landing
    (d)     small clock that is usually worn on the wrist; guarding; observation

2. n. virtual

    (a)     resident; native of a country
    (b)     computerized representation of an actual object
    (c)     something which legally or rightfully belongs to an individual; payment; fee
    (d)     quality; factor; characteristic; feature
3. n. suite

    (a)     demand for goods or services; rate of purchase and sale; fair
    (b)     luggage; cargo; things to take on a trip; equipment
    (c)     structure; pattern; design; organization; pattern of data organization
    (d)     group of things that together form a set; group of attendants
4. n. anger

    (a)     attraction; closeness; liking; likeness
    (b)     sheet of paper on which information has been printed; flyer
    (c)     rage; fury
    (d)     price; expense
5. n. enclosure

    (a)     staying where one is; expectation; ambush
    (b)     confinement; additional document or letter placed within another
    (c)     deficiency; flaw
    (d)     hyphen; drop; pinch; rush; sprint
6. n. reserve requirement

    (a)     minimum amount of money and liquid assets set by the central banking system of the U.S.
    (b)     award; gift; present; contribution; donation
    (c)     aircraft which flies by means of horizontally rotating blades
    (d)     representative; rep; factor; cause
7. n. choice

    (a)     option; selection; variety
    (b)     track; path; customary series of stops during a trip
    (c)     pullover; employer who underpays his employees
    (d)     good friend; acquaintance
8. adj. staple

    (a)     grand; magnificent; striking
    (b)     appropriate; fitting; well-timed; timely; proper; expedient
    (c)     chosen; picked out; choice; superior; prime; picky
    (d)     essential; regularly used; primary; principal; main (of goods or products)
9. n. funnel

    (a)     formal agreement between two states; compact; covenant; contract
    (b)     inheritance; bequest; something handed down from one's ancestors
    (c)     material coherence; firmness; persistence; steadfastness
    (d)     device with a wide opening at the top which narrows as it reaches the bottom
10. n. profession

    (a)     slide; stumble; mistake; blunder; error
    (b)     stimulus; inducement; enticement; encouragement
    (c)     fastening mechanism which is opened with a key or other device
    (d)     vocation; skilled occupation; declaration; proclamation

check you score : 1.d 2.b 3.d 4.c 5.b 6.a 7.a 8.d 9.d 10.d

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