Vocabulary Words - Verb Noun Adjective List

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1. v. execute

    (a)     to misplace; to be deprived of; to be defeated; to fail; opposite of to win
    (b)     to perform; to carry out; to put into practice
    (c)     to globalize; to make worldwide
    (d)     to pretend; to feign
2. v. waver

    (a)     to express a preconceived opinion; to express one's biases
    (b)     to be able to pay for; to supply; to provide
    (c)     to sway; to oscillate; to vacillate; to fluctuate
    (d)     to express excitement; to motivate
3. v. treasure

    (a)     to explain; to give a report; to cause; to regard
    (b)     to put away for future use
    (c)     to dispute; to claim; to give reasons
    (d)     to speed up; to accelerate; to facilitate; to dispatch
4. n. stall

    (a)     formally or socially imposed standards of attire
    (b)     legal right of possession
    (c)     stand; booth; pen; pretext to delay
    (d)     achievement; fulfillment; ability
5. n. state

    (a)     routine; course of action; advance; summons to court
    (b)     flat surface at the bottom of the room on which you walk; story; level of a building
    (c)     journals and newspapers collectively; act or process of printing
    (d)     condition; phase; mood; splendor; nation
6. n. estimate

    (a)     judgment of an object's worth; appraisal; opinion; judgment
    (b)     respected position; honor; nobility
    (c)     request; plea; petition for a new trial or judgment
    (d)     advantage; profit; aid; stipend
7. v. enlighten

    (a)     to excel; to rise above
    (b)     to pass something through an opening
    (c)     to instruct; to provide with intellectual or spiritual understanding
    (d)     to smooth wood; to make smooth; to remove rough areas
8. n. structure

    (a)     building; something created from a number of interconnecting parts
    (b)     product; item; asset; benefit
    (c)     shape having three sides and three corners; group of three
    (d)     choosing; time when people vote for a political candidate
9. adj. conscientious

    (a)     functional; practical; applicable
    (b)     careful; wanting to do what is right
    (c)     courteous; having good manners; gentle; genial; kind
    (d)     frank; candid; sincere; honest; simple; uncomplicated
10. n. field

    (a)     one of the four quarters of the year (winter, spring, summer, autumn)
    (b)     consequence; outcome; result; indirect suggestion; connotation; hint
    (c)     area; domain; range; piece of land; surface
    (d)     sciences of the industrial arts; applied sciences

check you score : 1.b 2.c 3.b 4.c 5.d 6.a 7.c 8.a 9.b 10.c

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