Vocabulary Words - Noun Verb Lists

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1. n. initiative

    (a)     delivery; dispatch; conveyance
    (b)     piece of paper; attendant; servant
    (c)     calculation of size or extent; assessment of capacity or dimension
    (d)     enterprise; drive; ambition; beginning move in a process; first step

2. n. pose

    (a)     certificate; written file
    (b)     stance
    (c)     something previously mentioned or indicated
    (d)     periodic wage paid to someone for work; pay
3. n. hire

    (a)     dividend; perk; monetary gift
    (b)     difficult situation; something which tests one's ability to handle difficult tasks
  (c)  act of forcefully taking possession of an area; seizure; conquest; possession or settlement of land
    (d)     wages; rent; rental; charge; fee
4. n. departure

    (a)     affiliate; office; industry; trade; business unit
    (b)     certificate that bears monetary value; coupon; receipt; authorizer; endorser
    (c)     leaving; going away; opposite of arrival
    (d)     viewpoint; outlook; vista; view
5. n. pointer

    (a)     movement made by lifting the foot and setting it down in another place; stair; stage in a process
    (b)     maltreatment; corrupt practice; foul language
    (c)     being physically present; act of accompanying or serving
    (d)     indicator; something used to point; hand on a clock; clue; advice
6. n. adjustable rate

    (a)     an interest percentage that changes over time
    (b)     grant; pocket money; stipend; discount; deduction
    (c)     place where vessels are built and repaired
    (d)     mark; symbol; indication; hint; trace; notice; advertisement
7. v. apply

    (a)     to anticipate gladly
    (b)     to make a request; to implement; to realize; to put into practice
   (c)    to authorize; to appoint as representative; to pass a duty or responsibility on to someone else
    (d)     to advance; to move forward; to gain
8. n. cover

    (a)     insurance; shelter; casing; front; lid
    (b)     alleyway; narrow road between mountains; successful grade on a test
    (c)     expansion; branch of a telephone network; supplement; reprieve
    (d)     interpretation; something that clarifies; description; definition
9. n. interpreter

    (a)     railing; hedge; ability to argue; person who sells stolen goods
    (b)     theme; subject of conversation; issue
    (c)     person who translates from one language to another (orally); person how clarifies; commentator
    (d)     act of paying back; repayment; compensation for a loss; repayment for an expense
10. n. lever
    (a)     a simple machine that gives a mechanical advantage when given a fulcrum
    (b)     misfortune; hardship; distress; suffering
    (c)     sameness; uniformity
    (d)     hope; anticipation; assumption

check you score : 1.d 2.b 3.d 4.c 5.d 6.a 7.b 8.a 9.c 10.a

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