Vocabulary Words - English Adjectives

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1. adj. ill

    (a)     treated as an expense
    (b)     near; adjacent; careful
    (c)     sick; bad; unfriendly; unsatisfactory; inadequate; inferior
    (d)     of public funds; of or pertaining to money matters
2. adj. informal

    (a)     unofficial; relaxed; casual; easy; laid-back
    (b)     lasting throughout the whole year; continuing for many years; perpetual; everlasting
    (c)     immediate; common; usual; standard
    (d)     leaving; sailing; traveling to another country
3. adj. dynamic
    (a)     channeled; centralized
    (b)     intended for inhabitation; occupied with homes
    (c)     forceful; energetic; vigorous; spirited; alive
    (d)     fearful; worried; worrisome; eager; keen
4. adj. substantial

    (a)     firm; wealthy; influential; important; considerable
    (b)     suitable; fitting
    (c)     careful; cautious
    (d)     not true; counterfeit; deceitful; wrong; artificial; not faithful
5. adj. competent

    (a)     pressing; compelling; immediate; prompt
    (b)     adept; capable; suitably skilled; well qualified; experienced
    (c)     pertaining to home; pertaining to family; tame (about an animal)
    (d)     occurring once a year; yearly
6. adj. cautious

    (a)     supplementary; auxiliary; secondary; lesser in importance
    (b)     adept; capable; suitably skilled; well qualified; experienced
    (c)     careful; wary; suspicious
    (d)     pertaining to home; pertaining to family; tame (about an animal)
7. adj. hourly

    (a)     substantial; real; tangible; current
    (b)     continual
    (c)     commonplace; ordinary; usual; customary; habitual
    (d)     splendid; majestic; superb; glorious; impressive
8. adj. clear

    (a)     inadequate; disappointing; not good enough
    (b)     guilty; dishonest
    (c)     in the event of sudden need
    (d)     pure; obvious; easy to understand; comprehensible
9. adj. pretend

    (a)     simulated; feigned; make-believe
    (b)     guilty; dishonest
    (c)     composed of elastic material; made from caoutchouc
    (d)     worldwide; universal; of the whole world
10.adj. downsize
    (a)     small; of a pouch
    (b)     earlier; antecedent; former
    (c)     beforehand
    (d)     of a smaller version or dimension

check you score : 1.c 2.a 3.c 4.a 5.b 6.c 7.b 8.d 9.a 10.d

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