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1. adj. robust

    (a)     of a city; local
    (b)     temporary; provisional
    (c)     sticking together; forming a unit or union; united; related to each other
    (d)     strong; healthy

2. adj. metropolitan

    (a)     tenacious; stubborn; constant; continual; diligent
    (b)     characteristic of a capital city; sophisticated
    (c)     appropriate; noble
    (d)     straight; forthright; clear
3. adj. original

    (a)     provocative; stimulating; encouraging
    (b)     careful; wary; suspicious
    (c)     first; primary; innovative; creative; novel
    (d)     quiet; tranquil; calm; motionless
4. adj. attendant

    (a)     ethical; virtuous; righteous; principled; having integrity
    (b)     higher in rank or position; above average; exceptional
    (c)     present; opposite of absent; accompanying
    (d)     pertaining to the sale of goods to final consumers; of the sale of merchandise to end users
5. adj. critical

    (a)     confined within a boundary; restricted; narrow; mediocre
    (b)     can be traded; can be substituted by something else
    (c)     preferred; beloved; liked
    (d)     judgmental; important; crucial; vital
6. adj. liable
    (a)     rational; logical; intelligent; wise; plausible; likely; credible
    (b)     pertinent; related; connected to the current subject
    (c)     of or pertaining to the law; allowed by law
    (d)     under legal obligation; responsible; prone
7. n. merchandise

    (a)     goods; ware; stock; articles or items to be sold
    (b)     group of things that together form a set; group of attendants
    (c)     any of the five faculties of perception; perception; recognition; awareness
    (d)     substance obtained from a plant; essence; text paragraph; passage
8. adj. either

    (a)     one of two
    (b)     resisting change; desiring to preserve traditions; cautious
    (c)     worthy of adoration; impressive; wonderful; marvelous
    (d)     kind; good
9. adj. conventional

    (a)     customary; routine; formal
    (b)     opposed
    (c)     careful; wanting to do what is right
    (d)     could be; might be; may be
10. adj. prolific

    (a)     significant; important
    (b)     fruitful; productive; abundant; plentiful; multiplying; producing fruit
    (c)     inquisitive; desiring to know and understand; odd; strange; rare
    (d)     imaginary; hypothetical; computer simulated

check you score : 1.d 2.b 3.c 4.c 5.d 6.d 7.a 8.a 9.a 10.b

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