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1. adv. truly

    (a)     anyway; anyhow; still; all the same
    (b)     really; genuinely
    (c)     chiefly; principally; mainly; initially
    (d)     apparently; seemingly; to all appearances

2. adv. opposite

    (a)     forward; in advance
    (b)     contrarily
    (c)     at first; in the first place; in a unique manner
    (d)     very quite; to a degree; somewhat; slightly; a bit; might as well
3. adv. twice

    (a)     doubly
    (b)     gently; without roughness or projections; evenly; calmly
    (c)     very quite; to a degree; somewhat; slightly; a bit; might as well
    (d)     quickly; fast; swiftly
4. adv. gradually

    (a)     really; genuinely
    (b)     progressively
    (c)     in a close-fitting manner; firmly
    (d)     in a friendly manner; warmly
5. adv. previously

    (a)     comfortably; without great difficulty or effort
    (b)     to the smallest extent possible
    (c)     before; at an earlier time; in the past; antecedently
    (d)     clearly; in a straightforward manner
6. adv. beyond

    (a)     regularly; persistently; steadily; stably
    (b)     past; further than
    (c)     at an angle; obliquely; in a slanting direction
    (d)     maybe; possibly; could be
7. adv. barely

    (a)     late; tardy
    (b)     anyway
    (c)     quickly; fast; swiftly
    (d)     hardly; scarcely
8. v. blanket

    (a)     to raise money for; to provide with funds; to fund; to pay for
    (b)     to cover; to coat
    (c)     to make an error; to be wrong; to confuse
    (d)     to overstate; to make something seem greater or more important than it really is
9. adj. adroit

    (a)     striking; noteworthy; extraordinary; exceptional
    (b)     alert; clever; ingenious; skillful; adept
    (c)     containing; comprehensive; all-embracing; extensive; taking in
    (d)     first; primary; innovative; creative; novel
10. adv. apart

    (a)     to a higher level; more than; higher than
    (b)     separately; aside; into pieces
    (c)     without pleasure or happiness; wretchedly; poorly
    (d)     in place of; as a replacement

check you score : 1.b 2.b 3.a 4.b 5.c 6.b 7.d 8.b 9.b 10.b

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