Vocabulary Exercises - List of Nouns

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1. n. offset

    (a)     topic; subject; matter; question; problem; publication
    (b)     period; era; generation
    (c)     determination; resolution; ruling (especially in court)
    (d)     outcome; compensation; counterbalance
2. n. territory

    (a)     opening of a show; first public appearance
    (b)     unit of time equal to 60 seconds; 1/60 of an hour; memo; protocol; memorandum
    (c)     telephone conversation; visit; invitation; claim; need
    (d)     region; district; zone; area; domain
3. n. circle

    (a)     advance stipulation; preliminary terms
    (b)     either end of a passenger line; bus or train station
    (c)     feigning; impersonation; false show; claim; assertion
    (d)     ring-shaped geometric figure; round figure; group; society
4. n. weapon

    (a)     person employed to deliver official dispatches or go on special errands
    (b)     position; place where a person or thing is usually found; headquarters; broadcast frequency
    (c)     identifying characteristic
    (d)     instrument for use in attack or defense in combat
5. n. majority

    (a)     a measurement of output per hours worked; creativeness; fruitfulness; prolificness
    (b)     reduction; curtailing; decrease
    (c)     greater number or part; number greater than half of the total
    (d)     cause; basis for action; intelligence; sense
6. n. disk

    (a)     disregard; inattention; forgetfulness; abandonment
    (b)     person who currently holds an office or position
    (c)     wages; rent; rental; charge; fee
    (d)     flat circular object
7. n. limit

    (a)     formal approval; proof; verification; religious ceremony
    (b)     point at which something ends; edge; border; restriction; restraint
    (c)     variety; collection; selection; range; mixture
    (d)     yearly date commemorating a special event; birthday
8. n. taste

    (a)     seminar; brief intensive educational program; discussion group
    (b)     progression; succession; order; arrangement
    (c)     perception of flavor; sense; reason
    (d)     quickness; velocity; transmission gear in a motor vehicle
9. n. seminar

    (a)     folded and stitched down edge of cloth; edge of a garment
   (b)  mail manager, person responsible for managing electronic mail on a network (Computers)
    (c)     contrast
    (d)     educational meeting; training session
10. n. frank

    (a)     mark or signature which allows a letter or package to be sent free of charge
    (b)     organization and interpretation of numerical data
    (c)     combining of separate elements into a complete whole
    (d)     act of acquainting one person with another; preface

check you score : 1.d 2.d 3.d 4.d 5.c 6.d 7.b 8.c 9.d 10.a

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