Take a Vocabulary Quiz - Verb Adverb List

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1. v. admonish
    (a)     to warn; to scold; to reprove
    (b)     to involve; to affect; to worry; to interest; to relate to
    (c)     to grind the teeth together; to abrade; to grind; to make a harsh grinding noise
    (d)     to forgive; to absolve; to release; to discharge
2. v. adhere

    (a)     to resuscitate; to bring back to life; to put into action again
    (b)     to stick to; to cling to; to be devoted to (an idea, group, organization etc.)
    (c)     to stay somewhere temporarily; to make an official inspection
    (d)     to recall to the mind; to retain in one's mind; to have a recollection
3. v. trouble

    (a)     to worry; to cause concern; to annoy; to bother; to disturb
    (b)     to hesitate; to stumble; to sway; to totter; to be unstable
    (c)     to need to; must; to be obligated
    (d)     to construct; to create; to increase intensity; to energize
4. v. adjourn

    (a)     to progress; to promote; to make a payment before it is due
    (b)     to make a summary; to give a report; to inform; to instruct somebody
    (c)     to make equal
    (d)     to postpone; to delay; to end a meeting; to move to another place
5. v. margin

    (a)     to set apart an additional amount of space or money for security
    (b)     to provide medical treatment; to fix; to repair; to mend
    (c)     to give one thing in return for another; to replace one thing with another; to trade; to barter
    (d)     to give to for safekeeping; to empower someone with a responsibility or duty
6. v. strive

    (a)     to design the appearance of; to arrange; to prepare a diskette or hard disk for use
    (b)     to endeavor; to try hard; to compete; to struggle; to resist
    (c)     to appoint; to specify; to identify; to designate
    (d)     to grant a person or persons legal custodianship over property not belonging to them
7. adv. ostensibly

    (a)     apparently; seemingly; to all appearances
    (b)     in some way
    (c)     regularly; persistently; steadily; stably
    (d)     intentionally; purposefully; methodically
8. v. alternate

    (a)     to ascend; to up; to slope upward; to move upward gradually
    (b)     to write a statement of purchases; to make a bill of sale
    (c)     to interchange; to take turns; to rotate; to substitute
    (d)     to make certain; to guarantee; to make secure

9. v. handle

    (a)     to vacillate; to waver; to vary; to change
    (b)     to manage; to process; to deal in; to do business with; to treat
    (c)     to include; to hold back; to restrain; to keep under control
    (d)     to surround; to confine; to close in; to place an additional document or letter within another

10. v. reclaim

    (a)     to describe; to depict; to portray; to outline
    (b)     to demand the return of property; to repossess
    (c)     to try to; to assay
    (d)     to perform; to put into effect; to carry out; to execute; to realize

check you score : 1.a 2.b 3.a 4.d 5.a 6.b 7.a 8.c 9.b 10.b

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