Games to teach English Vocabulary - Adjective Lists

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1. adj. separate

    (a)     characteristic of a capital city; sophisticated
    (b)     logical; reasonable; intelligent; prudent; expressible as a whole number (Mathematics)
    (c)     concentrated; focused; observant; polite; caring
    (d)     detached; disconnected; distinct; set apart
2. adj. easy

    (a)     mild; slight; comfortable; simple
    (b)     acting as a replacement
    (c)     arranged in divisions; divisional; concerning an office
    (d)     sturdy; long lasting
3. adj. famous

    (a)     ancient; archaic; no longer in use; outdated; useless
    (b)     sturdy; long lasting
    (c)     collective; total; taking all units as a whole
    (d)     well-known; excellent; wonderful
4. adj. consecutive

    (a)     serving as a model; normal; regular; typical; widely accepted
    (b)     sequential; following one after another
    (c)     involving rivalry; tending to contest
    (d)     earlier; antecedent; hasty; premature
5. adj. departmental

    (a)     motherly; related through a mother; relating to or characteristic of a mother or motherhood
    (b)     striking; noteworthy; extraordinary; exceptional
    (c)     enduring; lasting; continuing; leftover; remaining
    (d)     arranged in divisions; divisional; concerning an office
6. adj. renowned

    (a)     famous; prominent
    (b)     reliable; trustworthy; dependable
    (c)     at or constituting a place where two surfaces meet
    (d)     forceful; energetic; vigorous; spirited; alive
7. adj. absorbed

    (a)     having no curves or bends; frank; continuous; honest; consistent
    (b)     treated as an expense
    (c)     special; unusual; detailed; precise; pedantic; strict
    (d)     gloomy; cheerless; bad; depressing; sad
8. adj. whole

    (a)     complete; full; entire; healthy
    (b)     solemn; acute; critical; requiring much consideration; humorless; grim
    (c)     creative; new; original
    (d)     flat, level; even
9. adj. meticulous

    (a)     assorted; different; individual; several
    (b)     pedantic; cautious concerning minute details; scrupulous
    (c)     hygienic; clean; healthy
    (d)     leftover; unused; desolate; desert; destroyed
10. adj. apt

    (a)     short; concise
    (b)     chatty; loquacious
    (c)     suitable; appropriate; intelligent; savvy; capable
    (d)     beginning; introductory

check you score : 1.d 2.a 3.d 4.b 5.d 6.a 7.b 8.a 9.b 10.c

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