English Vocabulary Words - Examples of Nouns Adjectives

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1. n. cycle

    (a)     getting rid of; arranging
    (b)     series (of stories, articles, reports etc.); recurring period of time
    (c)     monetary penalty; punishment which involves the payment of specified sum of money
    (d)     doctrine; tenet; precept; fundamental law; primary law on which other laws are based
2. n. overview

    (a)     piece of equipment which can be used with other machines without alternation
    (b)     doubtfulness
    (c)     before noon
    (d)     synopsis; general survey; introduction
3.n. assembly

    (a)     meeting; conference; set; group of people
    (b)     tautness; strain; nervousness; agitation; apprehension
    (c)     license to market a company's goods or services; business which has been granted a license
    (d)     line; file (British); row; braid; plait
4. n. empathy

    (a)     one who offers his services of his own free will or without pay
    (b)     meaning; sense; quality of having meaning
    (c)     representing something less strongly than what the facts would justify
    (d)     entering into the feelings of another; sympathy; vicarious emotion; understanding
5. n. tray

    (a)     bank deposits that are available on a short-term basis; treasury bills
    (b)     skill; talent; aptitude; capacity; power
    (c)     materials that are used to cushion and cover furniture (i.e. fabric, lining, padding, etc.)
    (d)     flat receptacle used to hold other items; platter
6. n. formal

    (a)     large room used for lectures; talks, performances and other events
    (b)     choice; alternative; possibility; selection; election
    (c)     occasion which requires fancy dress (dance, ball, etc.); evening gown
    (d)     hug; act of wrapping one's arms around another person or thing
7. n. fence

    (a)     replacement; alteration; shift; coins; money received back after paying for goods
    (b)     doubtfulness
    (c)     railing; hedge; ability to argue; person who sells stolen goods
    (d)     moving back and forth; influence; control; authority
8. adj. fine

    (a)     equal; equivalent; of equal rank or authority
    (b)     delicate; thin; flimsy; handsome; top-quality; excellent
    (c)     lower; under
    (d)     lifeless; spiritless
9. n. overhead

    (a)     company; firm; undertaking; business; endeavor
    (b)     general expenses; manufacturing and business expenses
    (c)     boundary; edge; limit
    (d)     quality; factor; characteristic; feature
10. n. itinerary

    (a)     habit; tradition; convention
    (b)     something carried; cargo; burden; unit of measure or weight; capacity
    (c)     route; travel plans; travel journal
    (d)     elasticity; ability to adapt to new circumstances; pliability

check you score : 1.b 2.d 3.a 4.d 5.d 6.c 7.c 8.b 9.b 10.c

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