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1.v. trustee

(a) to grant a person or persons legal custodianship over property not belonging to them
(b) to stance
(c) to take on loan; to copy; to steal
(d) to speak or act in a rude or contemptuous manner; to offend; to affront

2.v. bias
(a) to check; to look over carefully and critically; to examine officially; to review
(b) to prejudice; to influence opinions
(c) to build; to create; to design; to grow
(d) to cancel; to revoke

3.v. overcome

(a) to subdue; to solve
(b) to keep in existence; to preserve; to support; to provide for
(c) to conceal; to cover up; to keep secret; to place out of sight
(d) to train; to accustom; to adapt; to stipulate; to prepare

4.v. program

(a) to characterize; to depict; to describe; to present; to emphasize
(b) to schedule; to plan; to write a system of operating instructions for a computer
(c) to separate into parts; to part; to share; to apportion
(d) to endanger; to place in danger; to imperil; to put at risk

5.v. testify

(a) to label; to fine
(b) to bear witness; to declare under oath; to attest
(c) to reduce; to protect; to soften; to upholster
(d) to examine; to investigate; to inspect; to scrutinize

6.v. install

(a) to be present in a place; to care for; to serve; to accompany
(b) to recompense someone for a service
(c) to set up for use; to put in (i.e. machinery); to establish in an office or position
(d) to register; to sign up; to join up; to enter one's name on a list

7.n. profit

(a) device for electronically transmitting written material; electronically transmitted document
(b) earnings; financial gain; benefit; advantage; privilege
(c) grouping symbols ()
(d) source; beginning; birth; parentage; nationality

8.v. hire
(a) to lease; to rent; to employ
(b) to pledge; to give one's word; to vow; to commit oneself to a certain course of action
(c) to feign; to impersonate; to put on a false show
(d) to quit an office or position; to relinquish; to give up; to abdicate

9.v. stake

(a) to go on a journey; to move; to go from one place to another
(b) to transmit over the radio; to publicize; to advertise
(c) to go into; to join; to record; to inscribe
(d) to risk; to gamble; to finance; to underwrite

10. v. pair
(a) to couple; to be part one of a match; to mate
(b) to investigate
(c) to create boundaries; to restrict; to reduce; to function as a border
(d) to assume; to anticipate; to hope
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