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1.n. pursuit

(a) act of looking over carefully and critically; official examination; audit; review
(b) chase; quest; search; occupation; pastime
(c) druggist; apothecary
(d) limit; border

2.n. pleasure

(a) enjoyment; amusement; entertainment; delight; joy
(b) a contract granting use or occupation of property during a specified time for a specified payment
(c) form; model; image; condition; fitness; mold
(d) computerized representation of an actual object

3.n. launch

(a) nullification; termination; revocation
(b) certificate; entry pass; tag
(c) sale of products to final consumers; sale of goods to end users
(d) act of sending out; act of starting or initiating; commencement; inauguration

4.n. setup

(a) arrangement; structure; organization; hoax; configuration of hardware or software (Computers)
(b) purchase; sale; acquisition
(c) honesty; fairness; justice
(d) production; creating; group of people born around the same time

5.n. strategy

(a) city
(b) house; dwelling; structure; premises
(c) something which is permanently or securely attached; set date for a sporting event
(d) plans or methods created for the purpose of achieving a goal

6.n. final

(a) end; conclusion; last edition of a newspaper
(b) a document giving details about an offering of securities investment for sale to the public
(c) person who holds a money order
(d) protection; security; rampart; shield

7.n. disposition

(a) the sale of all or most of a company's inventory or assets to another company
(b) amount of money set aside for a specific purpose; supply
(c) workers' association; federation; amalgamation
(d) character; nature; trait; arrangement; placement

8.n. salient

(a) person who gives support to a superior; aide; helper
(b) relief; consolation; coziness
(c) something of value (property, equipment, goods, etc.); item of quality; something beneficial
(d) angle that points outward

9.n. avail

(a) inclusion; participation; connection; association; relation
(b) advantage; profit; help; benefit
(c) disposition; mood
(d) seclusion; solitude; reclusion; secrecy; confidentiality

10. n. minute

(a) system of knowledge gained by research; specific field of systematic knowledge; skill; proficiency
(b) volume; mass; main part; most
(c) unit of time equal to 60 seconds; 1/60 of an hour; memo; protocol; memorandum
(d) condition; phase; mood; splendor; nation

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1.b 2.a 3.d 4.a 5.d 6.a 7.d 8.d 9.b 10.c

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