Vocabulary Building Exercises - Example of Verbs Adjectives

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1. v. progress

    (a)     to evolve; to make to progress; to grow professionally; to develop; to speed
    (b)     to check; to look over carefully and critically; to examine officially; to review
    (c)     to attach firmly; to fasten tightly
    (d)     to advance; to move forward; to gain
2. v. influence

    (a)     to scatter; to spread out; to be scattered
    (b)     to affect; to impact; to impel; to control
    (c)     to establish communication; to make a connection; to link to; to connect with
    (d)     to organize according to importance
3. v. bother

    (a)     to annoy; to harass; to worry; to make an effort; to be concerned
    (b)     to accuse; to denounce
    (c)     to take a small portion of something as a specimen
    (d)     to raise; to push; to urge; to lift
4. v. span

    (a)     to extend across; to stretch from one point another; to bridge
   (b)     to register; to adjust prices or salaries in accordance with changes in economic indicators
    (c)     to confuse; to make hard to understand; to make difficult; to make complex
    (d)     to say something aloud for someone to write down; to command; to order; to impose
5. v. display

    (a)     to put out for others to see; to show; to exhibit; to reveal
    (b)     to come to an end; to finish; to terminate
    (c)     to originate; to create; to design; to fabricate; to concoct
    (d)     to contest; to contend against another; to participate in a contest
6. v. picture

    (a)     to photograph; to paint; to draw; to describe; to depict
    (b)     to enter information into a chart; to postpone; to set aside for future consideration
    (c)     to acquire; to procure; to secure; to earn; to achieve
    (d)     to set apart an additional amount of space or money for security
7. v. evaluate

    (a)     to cover or to furnish with textile materials; to reprimand; to scold
    (b)     to appraise; to judge the worth or quality; to assess; to gauge
    (c)     to think; to consider logically; to argue; to claim
    (d)     to deposit money; in a money institution; to count on; to depend upon

8. adj. name

    (a)     same; identical; able; capable
    (b)     unable to think in a clear and orderly manner; giddy or frivolous
    (c)     beginning; introductory
    (d)     reputed; famous
9. v. concur

    (a)     to suggest; to recommend; to tender; to make an offer of marriage
    (b)     to act as master of ceremonies; to receive guests into one's home; to give a party
    (c)     to guide; to lead; to instruct; to manage; to supervise
    (d)     to agree; to harmonize; to coincide; to collaborate; to consent
10. v. plug

    (a)     to attach firmly; to fasten tightly
    (b)     to cut off; to curtail; to trim off
    (c)     to cap; to cork; to stop up; to block; to advertise
    (d)     to scatter; to spread out; to be scattered

check you score : 1.d 2.b 3.a 4.a 5.a 6.a 7.b 8.d 9.d 10.c

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