Teaching Vocabulary - Example of Nouns Verbs

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1. n. equipment

    (a)     need; want; shortage; absence
    (b)     supplies; necessary items; tools, instruments or other objects for completing a task
    (c)     creator; designer
    (d)     short meeting; summarizing; giving and receiving instructions; reporting

2. n. college

    (a)     woman who serves tables in a restaurant or pub
    (b)     financial industry owned cooperative supplying secure, standardized messaging services to financial institutions
    (c)     mark or signature which allows a letter or package to be sent free of charge
    (d)     institution of higher education that grants degrees; type of school; council
3. n. bound

    (a)     not many; some; several; small number of
    (b)     something which annoys or aggravates
    (c)     limit; border
    (d)     salary; wages

 4. n. symposium

    (a)     piece of soft material which cushions; block of pages stacked together and connected on one side
    (b)     act of assuming control of something (as in a government or business)
    (c)     meeting or conference at which a specific topic is discussed
    (d)     money paid for the use of property; property that is leased; act of leasing
5. n. expenditure

    (a)     misuse; loss; rubbish; garbage; sewage
    (b)     spending; disbursement; outlay (especially financial)
    (c)     customary action; habit; drill; training exercise
    (d)     pact; contract; accord; consent; concurrence

6. n. slope

    (a)     sciences of the industrial arts; applied sciences
    (b)     payment; thoughtfulness; respectfulness; careful attention
    (c)     newsreader; broadcaster
    (d)     side of a hill; incline; upward or downward slant; degree to which a surface deviates from the vertical
7. n. exhibition

    (a)     change; adjustment, agreement; adaptation; restriction
    (b)     display; show; public presentation of work or skills; trade fair
    (c)     management; supervisors; leadership
    (d)     prize; grant; arbitration
8. v. grasp

    (a)     to satisfy; to please; to meet a request
    (b)     to prompt; to spur; to provide inspiration; to stir to action; to induce
    (c)     to argue; to discuss; to consider; to ponder
    (d)     to seize; to grip; to comprehend; to understand; to realize
9. n. slice

    (a)     person who ask questions (i.e. reporter or employer)
    (b)     thin piece cut from a larger object; portion; share
    (c)     introduction of something new; change; new method or practice
    (d)     pathfinder; forerunner; person who paves the way; member of a military engineering corps
10. n. alliance

    (a)     affinity; compassion; pity; concern; empathy
    (b)     something previously mentioned or indicated
    (c)     pact; treaty; connection; relationship
    (d)     cosmetic foot treatment

check you score : 1.b 2.d 3.c 4.c 5.b 6.d 7.b 8.d 9.b 10.c

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