Take a Vocabulary Quiz - Verb Adjective Noun Adverb Tests

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1.v. banquet

(a) to hold a party; to feast; to dine; to drink
(b) to offer proof; to prove; to show to be true
(c) to pretend; to feign
(d) to make valid; to make lawful; to justify; to make permissible

2.adj. flawed

(a) courteous; having good manners; gentle; genial; kind
(b) conversational; not used in formal speaking or writing; informal
(c) full; packed; crammed together
(d) defective; imperfect; cracked

3.n. key

(a) end; conclusion; last edition of a newspaper
(b) device used to open locks; button on a board
(c) citizenship; patriotism
(d) means of transport (car, bus, etc.); instrument; means; medium

4.v. obtain

(a) to acquire; to procure; to secure; to earn; to achieve
(b) to set up a center of operations; to be set up in a center of operations
(c) to lessen; to diminish; to decrease
(d) to grow larger; to broaden; to increase; to enlarge; to add to

5.n. expiration

(a) boss; supervisor; manager; head
(b) earnings; financial gain; benefit; advantage; privilege
(c) termination; end
(d) purpose; goal; objective; target

6.n. regard

(a) wash basin; sewer; drain; cesspool; place where criminals gather
(b) steward; stewardess; person who serves others; person who accompanies others
(c) trip; journey; travel; cruise
(d) esteem; respect; thought; consideration; look; glance

7.adv. anyway

(a) hardly; scarcely
(b) knowingly; with awareness
(c) in whatever manner; however
(d) towards a lower place, position or section

8.v. articulate

(a) to load with goods; to load; to weigh down; to send as cargo
(b) to examine
(c) to gather together; to group together; to press in
(d) to express in a fluent and clear manner

9.n. outside

(a) external part or surface of something
(b) something that is essential or imperative; essentials of life (food, clothing, and shelter)
(c) manufacturing; trade; diligence; perseverance; tendency to work hard
(d) metal cord with sharp projecting points

10.adj. major

(a) legitimate; legally acceptable; not expired; logical; well-founded
(b) elastic; easily bent; adroit; adept; pliable
(c) more important than others; great; serious
(d) of secondary importance; insignificant; corresponding
check you score : 1.a 2.d 3.b 4.a 5.c 6.d 7.c 8.d 9.a 10.c

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