Study English Vocabulary - Verb Adjective Adverb Test

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1.v. pad

(a) to modify; to adapt; to fit; to arrange; to settle
(b) to cushion; to fill; to fill out; to walk; to go by foot
(c) to carry; to encourage; to assist financially; to substantiate
(d) to capture; to assume control

2.v. discourage

(a) to cover a part of; to have something in common
(b) to cause to become involved in; to arouse curiosity
(c) to supervise; to manage; to inspect
(d) to cause to lose heart; to deter; to dissuade; to show disapproval of; to derail

3.v. enrich

(a) to be compatible; to be suitable; to be an equal competitor; to compare
(b) to examine
(c) to entrust; to order; to command; to supply with power
(d) to improve; to make better

4.v. rehearse

(a) to take off; to shed; to take away; to eliminate; to get rid of
(b) to deny connection with; to renounce; to repudiate; to disavow
(c) to drill; to practice an action repeatedly in order to perfect it
(d) to make changes; to create something new; to invent

5.v. deposit

(a) to put a sum of money in a bank for safekeeping; to pay in part; to set down
(b) to put out for others to see; to show; to exhibit; to reveal
(c) to travel in a car; to transport in a vehicle; to compel
(d) to postpone; to delay; to end a meeting; to move to another place

6.adj. changeable

(a) not real; fanciful
(b) arbitrary; fickle; flexible
(c) fast; immediate; prompt; smart
(d) entrusted to the care

7.adv. entirely

(a) totally; completely; absolutely
(b) from above; above; in the sky
(c) evidently; obviously; allegedly; seemingly
(d) immediately; momentarily

8.v. border

(a) to arouse; to bring out; to summon; to wake
(b) to promote; to draw attention to; to publicize
(c) to clarify; to confirm; to reinforce; to verify
(d) to be adjacent to

9.v. initiate

(a) to make clear; to explain
(b) to set going; to launch; to begin; to start
(c) to hawk; to vend; to deal; to distribute; to sell
(d) to ask for; to petition for

10.v. post
(a) to assign to a duty; to station; to publicize; to advertise
(b) to create a formal agreement; to bind legally; to obtain
(c) to give in to desire; to yield to; to satisfy; to spoil; to humor
(d) to demand the return of property; to repossess
check you score : 1.b 2.d 3.d 4.c 5.a 6.b 7.a 8.d 9.b 10.a

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