ESL English Vocabulary - Noun Verb Lists

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1.n. recruit

(a) beginning phase of a project; babyhood
(b) flat receptacle used to hold other items; platter
(c) new member of a group; new employee
(d) manager; person or group of persons having administrative authority within an organization

2. n. crux

(a) failure to perform a duty; option on a computer which is automatically selected
(b) set way of saying or doing something; principle; pattern
(c) sound produced in the throat; expression; language
(d) heart of the matter; main point

3. n. capital

(a) traveler; fare; person who rides or travels
(b) string; thin cord; Internet discussion
(c) property; financial means; assets; main city of a country of region
(d) taxi; carriage; driver's compartment

4. n. technique

(a) metal cord with sharp projecting points
(b) method of performance
(c) suggestion; proposal of a price; tender; bid
(d) ethic; lesson; principle

5. n. deadline

(a) punctuality
(b) time when a project; assignment; task or job must be completed or turned in
(c) connection; confiscation; file sent via email
(d) high ranking military officer

6. n. refusal

(a) denial; rejection
(b) enchantment; affection; adoration
(c) course or method of action; guidelines; position; standpoint; insurance contract
(d) thickness of some material that covers a surface; covering; bed; stratum

7. v. match

(a) to feel; to perceive; to apprehend; to understand
(b) to find the answer to; to explain
(c) to do; to carry out; to execute; to present; to arrange; to manage
(d) to be compatible; to be suitable; to be an equal competitor; to compare

8. n. grant

(a) bar; counting device
(b) profit; amount of assets that is higher than liabilities
(c) award; gift; present; contribution; donation
(d) cameraman; person who takes pictures

9.v. impede

(a) to straighten; to flatten; to make even; to equalize
(b) to depart; to exit; to quit; to omit; to let alone
(c) to choose; to select; to pull out; to tear out; to peck
(d) to delay; to obstruct; to hinder; to prevent; to thwart

10. v. idealize

(a) to act as an agent on behalf of a person or organization; to symbolize
(b) to suppose; to hypothesize; to conjecture
(c) to submerge; to fall down below the surface (especially in water)
(d) to represent as the embodiment of perfection 

check you score : 1.c 2.d 3.c 4.b 5.b 6.a 7.d 8.c 9.d 10.d

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