English Vocabulary Words - Noun Test

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1.n. trash

(a) person who runs a company; director; administrator; supervisor
(b) reason; purpose; principle; factor; basis for a legal case
(c) messenger; company that delivers messages, documents, parcels, etc.
(d) something discarded; rubbish; garbage; refuse; nonsense

2.n. blanket

(a) bed covering; quilt
(b) order; direction; control; domination; headquarters
(c) lawsuit; request; right
(d) system for prompt transportation of people or parcels; dispatch conveyed by special messenger

3.n. motivation
(a) beginning letter of a person's first name; first letter (as of a word)
(b) harvest; return; produce; income; profit
(c) an undertaking that is dangerous, daring, or of uncertain outcome
(d) incentive; drive; inspiration; state of being stirred to action

4.n. accounting

(a) central stalk of a plant; petiole
(b) a person who makes things out of wood such as furniture
(c) statement; proclamation; announcement
(d) a system of recording and analyzing financial transactions; auditing; a detailed financial statement

5.n. error

(a) position; opinion; viewpoint; outlook; perspective
(b) mistake; something that is incorrect
(c) general expenses; manufacturing and business expenses
(d) piece of clothing; outer covering

6.n. vat

(a) summit; peak; head
(b) large container; tank; tub
(c) spoken or written words with which people communicate thoughts and feelings
(d) company; firm; undertaking; business; endeavor

7.n. editor

(a) word or phrase by which someone or something is called or identified; moniker
(b) person or organization that prepares printed matter for publication
(c) symbol; sign; mark; remembrance
(d) reason; purpose; principle; factor; basis for a legal case

8.n. back
(a) flat dish for serving food; portion; covering, coating; board
(b) number with a fixed value; factor
(c) part of a chair; rear part of the human body
(d) apprehension; worry; doubt; hesitation; reservation

9.n. resilience

(a) failure; fiasco; sputtering which gradually fades into silence
(b) elasticity; cheerfulness; quality of quickly recovering from sadness or failure; buoyancy
(c) esteem; respect; integrity; honesty; award; privilege
(d) expansion; increase in size; magnification

10. n. resume

(a) manner; way; fashion; chic; vogue
(b) thin muslin fabric (Hindi); beach cliff (Scottish)
(c) summary; synopsis; abstract; CV; curriculum vitae
(d) sports shoe; one who moves about stealthily; one who acts furtively
check you score : 1.d 2.a 3.d 4.d 5.b 6.b 7.b 8.c 9.b 10.c

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