Vocabulary Building - English Nouns Adverbs

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1. n. attorney

(a) condition; phase; mood; splendor; nation
(b) belief in a particular thing or person; religion; trust; confidence; loyalty
(c) lawyer; barrister; advocate; solicitor
(d) diligence; neatness

2. n. engineer
(a) person who designs and plans (machinery, roads, etc.)
(b) honesty; fairness; justice
(c) raised platform; resting place on a journey; phase
(d) quotation; official praise; summons to a court of law

3. n. corruption
(a) strength; energy; extreme degree; depth; clarity
(b) behavior; management
(c) dishonesty; immorality; irregularity; unlawfulness; illegality
(d) preciseness; exactness

4. n. irritation

(a) something which annoys or aggravates
(b) character which is part of an alphabet; written communication sent to a person or organization
(c) shopping center; pedestrian walkway; promenade
(d) word; expression; idiom; condition; stipulation

5. n. composition

(a) lawsuit; request; right
(b) one of the two periods of an academic year (usually 15-18 weeks)
(c) tool for cutting consisting of a toothed blade; saying; maxim; proverb
(d) make-up; constitution; essay

6. adv. thus
(a) clearly; straight; frankly; immediately; soon
(b) past; further than
(c) as a logical result; unavoidably
(d) therefore; so

7. adv. minutely
(a) and so on; and so forth
(b) therefore; so
(c) meticulously; exactingly; scrupulously; diligently; thoroughly
(d) in a close-fitting manner; firmly

8. n. caution

(a) written account of daily events and occurrences; journal; daily calendar; log book; blog
(b) vibrations that can be detected by the human ear; noise; vocal utterance
(c) notice; warning; caveat; carefulness; premonition
(d) act of forcefully taking possession of an area; seizure; conquest; possession or settlement of land

9. n. saw

(a) preparedness; willingness; promptness; quickness
(b) inner quality; intrinsic characteristic
(c) tool for cutting consisting of a toothed blade; saying; maxim; proverb
(d) lodging; dwelling

10. n. party

(a) caution; wisdom; careful judgment
(b) political group; social gathering; side of an agreement; group; gang
(c) number; image; character; price; human shape; symbol
(d) roundish stain; speck; place; awkward or difficult situation; predicament
check you score : 1.c 2.a 3.c 4.a 5.d 6.d 7.c 8.c 9.c 10.b

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