Games to teach English Vocabulary - Noun Adjective Verb Lists

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1. n. fastening mechanism which is opened with a key or other device

(a) fundamental
(b) rush
(c) courier
(d) lock

2. n. identifying characteristic

(a) understatement
(b) director
(c) pocket
(d) hallmark

3. adj. classified; confidential; clandestine; covert; hidden; latent

(a) versatile
(b) harmful
(c) secret
(d) promotional

4. n. supplies; necessary items; tools, instruments or other objects for completing a task

(a) content
(b) equipment
(c) interruption
(d) internal

5. adj. inadequate; disappointing; not good enough

(a) moral
(b) prolific
(c) digital
(d) unsatisfactory

6. v. to direct; to lead; to instruct

(a) use
(b) preserve
(c) predict
(d) guide

7. v. to produce; to supply; to bear (profit, harvest, fruit, etc.)

(a) yield
(b) withdraw
(c) request
(d) frequent

8. adj. tight; strait; reduced; not wide

(a) narrow
(b) plain
(c) good
(d) various

9. v. to cut; to cut down; to cut into pieces; to mince

(a) chop
(b) kit
(c) transfer
(d) advise

10. v. to reinforce; to bind together; to strengthen a connection

(a) insert
(b) deliver
(c) cement
(d) identify

check you score : 1.d 2.d 3.c 4.b 5.d 6.d 7.a 8.a 9.a 10.c

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