Vocabulary Games - English Nouns

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1. n. impression; the way a person looks; image; semblance

(a) appearance
(b) cook
(c) challenge
(d) fee

2. n. parallelogram

(a) mean
(b) identification
(c) rectangle
(d) basis

3. n. representing something less strongly than what the facts would justify

(a) understatement
(b) whole
(c) grocer
(d) key

4. n. accomplishment; fulfillment

(a) representative
(b) innocent
(c) realization
(d) growth

5. n. trademark; type; make; variety; product name

(a) dash
(b) brand
(c) exhibit
(d) draft

6. n. occurrence; occasion; example; illustration

(a) carpenter
(b) instance
(c) safety
(d) leather

7. n. lodger; occupant; resident; renter; landlord

(a) hit
(b) cause
(c) tenant
(d) grocer

8. n. something created separately for the purpose of being added to or placed inside (a book, newspaper, etc.)

(a) portfolio
(b) insert
(c) instructor
(d) sink

9. n. duplicate; photostat

(a) array
(b) competitor
(c) draw
(d) copy

10. n. result; outcome; impact; trick; natural phenomenon

(a) mend
(b) nominee
(c) effect
(d) point

check you score :

1.a 2.c 3.a 4.c 5.b 6.b 7.c 8.b 9.d 10.c

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