Vocabulary Building Exercises - English Verbs Nouns

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1. v. to stick to; to cling to; to be devoted to (an idea, group, organization etc.)

(a) admit
(b) employ
(c) preface
(d) adhere

2. n. banknote printed by a government as legal tender which is not redeemable and which lacks economic value

(a) local
(b) lever
(c) traffic
(d) flat money

3. v. to design the appearance of; to arrange; to prepare a diskette or hard disk for use

(a) format
(b) deny
(c) bother
(d) grasp

4. v. to act on; to transfer from one place to another; to change residence

(a) move
(b) engineer
(c) expand
(d) package

5. n. refusal to accept; refusal to believe; refusal to recognize

(a) amortization
(b) aggregate
(c) denial
(d) assignment

6. n. task; assignment; delegation; errand; religious delegation

(a) wallet
(b) news
(c) refusal
(d) mission

7. v. to grow larger; to broaden; to increase; to enlarge; to add to

(a) market
(b) initiate
(c) structure
(d) expand

8. n. person granted legal custodianship over property not belonging to him

(a) lounge
(b) scale
(c) equal
(d) trustee

9. v. to use as an introduction; to use as a foreword

(a) infer
(b) pertain
(c) purpose
(d) preface

10. v. to claim; to require; to request strongly

(a) slander
(b) rank
(c) demand
(d) broadcast

check you score :

1.d 2.d 3.a 4.a 5.c 6.d 7.d 8.d 9.d 10.c

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