Vocabulary Words - Noun List

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1. n. affront; offense; rude remark or action

(a) reason
(b) spot
(c) insult
(d) benchmark

2. n. process of becoming varied; sale of a variety of products and services

(a) diversification
(b) feature
(c) trouble
(d) take

3. n. close examination; scrutinizing look

(a) demeanor
(b) adult
(c) scan
(d) workshop

4. n. counsel; guidance; specific information; hint

(a) identification
(b) location
(c) advice
(d) utilization

5. n. method; way; medium; resources; funds

(a) local
(b) means
(c) field
(d) reception

6. n. punctuality

(a) timeliness
(b) growth
(c) convenience
(d) profit

7. n. sum of money that has been put in a bank for safekeeping; partial payment; pledge

(a) deposit
(b) accountant
(c) kind
(d) inventor

8. n. part of a book; phase; stage; local branch of an organization

(a) board
(b) chapter
(c) myriad
(d) hyphen

9. n. business arrangement; client; funds deposited in a bank

(a) trash
(b) extract
(c) account
(d) comfort

10. n. netting attached to a woman's hat

(a) space
(b) employment
(c) veil
(d) gasoline

check you score :

1.c 2.a 3.c 4.c 5.b 6.a 7.a 8.b 9.c 10.c

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