Vocabulary Quizzes - English Adverb Verb Noun Adjective Conjunction

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1. adv. regularly; often

(a) sincerely
(b) frequently
(c) instantaneously
(d) however

2. v. to represent as the embodiment of perfection

(a) fill out
(b) account
(c) frequent
(d) idealize

3. n. opportunity; occurrence, event; incident; reason; cause

(a) embrace
(b) lever
(c) city
(d) occasion

4. adj. clear; obvious; apparent

(a) legal
(b) evident
(c) frank
(d) conscientious

5. n. money gained; salary; revenue; profit; income

(a) apparatus
(b) earnings
(c) appeal
(d) florist

6. n. delight; refreshment or entertainment given to its recipient without cost

(a) treat
(b) shareholder
(c) council
(d) debt

7. n. rear; end; seat

(a) title
(b) behind
(c) examination
(d) registering

8. n. silence; quiet; photograph

(a) cycle
(b) still
(c) necessary
(d) secret

9. conj. immediately following; the moment that; as soon as

(a) either
(b) although
(c) except
(d) directly

10. adv. out of doors

(a) primarily
(b) obviously
(c) beneath
(d) outside

check you score :

1.b 2.d 3.d 4.b 5.b 6.a 7.b 8.b 9.d 10.d

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