Vocabulary Building - Noun Verb Tests

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1. n. clothing; garments; clothes; garb

(a) minimum
(b) substantive
(c) apparel
(d) plate

2. n. ability; skill; talent

(a) aptitude
(b) preference
(c) trail
(d) file

3. n. ordered merchandise that is not currently in stock but will be supplied in the future

(a) back order
(b) equipment
(c) authority
(d) reply

4. n. drink; refreshment

(a) beverage
(b) solace
(c) final
(d) breadth

5. n. fusion; agglomeration

(a) merger
(b) executive
(c) instant
(d) ownership

6. n. grouping symbols ()

(a) reply
(b) parentheses
(c) elevator
(d) grasp

7. n. adjacency; nearness; closeness; vicinity

(a) mind
(b) proximity
(c) capital requirement
(d) rule

8. v. to slope; to bend; to bow; to slant; to influence

(a) coin
(b) incline
(c) expand
(d) counsel

9. v. to judge an object's value; to appraise; to assess; to guess

(a) document
(b) access
(c) estimate
(d) overwhelm

10. n. issue; affair; question; problem; substance of a particular composition and consistency

(a) matter
(b) party
(c) workshop
(d) admiration

check you score :

1.c 2.a 3.a 4.a 5.a 6.b 7.b 8.b 9.c 10.a

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