Vocabulary Answers - Noun Adjective Verb List

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1. n. presentation; show; screen; monitor; exposure; exhibition

(a) display
(b) draft
(c) book
(d) quiet

2. n. apparatus; device

(a) rival
(b) tool
(c) style
(d) distributor

3. adj. new; strange

(a) novel
(b) abundant
(c) adequate
(d) conscientious

4. n. declaration; allegation; official account

(a) manufacture
(b) statement
(c) ZIP
(d) privacy

5. n. interpretation; something that clarifies; description; definition

(a) combine
(b) explanation
(c) abuse
(d) thread

6. v. to suppose; to take on a position or duty; to accept an idea

(a) assume
(b) annoy
(c) compare
(d) order

7. v. to place in a row; to cover the inside of; to pad

(a) line
(b) donate
(c) drive
(d) chop

8. adj. big; enormous; wide; spacious; famous

(a) intent
(b) acquainted
(c) interior
(d) large

9. n. institution of higher education that grants degrees; type of school; council

(a) resource
(b) bulk
(c) college
(d) conjunction

10. v. to hypnotize; to enthrall

(a) entrance
(b) permeate
(c) inform
(d) invest

check you score :

1.a 2.b 3.a 4.b 5.b 6.a 7.a 8.d 9.c 10.a

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