Teachers Games for Vocabulary - Noun Lists

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1. n. stand; booth; pen; pretext to delay

(a) apparel
(b) stall
(c) disease
(d) yield

2. n. something that is essential or imperative; essentials of life (food, clothing, and shelter)

(a) installment
(b) rule
(c) necessary
(d) supervisor

3. n. pact; contract; accord; consent; concurrence

(a) bearer instrument
(b) banknote
(c) program
(d) agreement

4. n. one who serves tables at a restaurant or pub

(a) outside
(b) subsidy
(c) circumstance
(d) waiter

5. n. living; state of being; life

(a) unit
(b) existence
(c) voucher
(d) sharp

6. n. elasticity; ability to adapt to new circumstances; pliability

(a) flexibility
(b) graduate
(c) strength
(d) update

7. n. sewing needle; swindler; cheater; professional gambler

(a) sharp
(b) conveyance
(c) investment
(d) transfer

8. n. familiarity; understanding; wisdom; education; awareness

(a) lease
(b) perishable
(c) motive
(d) knowledge

9. n. quickness; velocity; transmission gear in a motor vehicle

(a) manager
(b) speed
(c) switchboard
(d) resist

10. n. person who is native to or resides in a particular area

(a) constraint
(b) aptitude
(c) local
(d) engagement

check you score :

1.b 2.c 3.d 4.d 5.b 6.a 7.a 8.d 9.b 10.c

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