Teachers Games for Vocabulary - English Noun

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1. n. durability; determination; resolve; power; intensity; force

(a) weakness
(b) ill
(c) lesson
(d) strength

2. n. position; opinion; viewpoint; outlook; perspective

(a) exertion
(b) equity
(c) attitude
(d) property

3. n. staff; work force; team; crew

(a) ambition
(b) personnel
(c) suite
(d) venture

4. n. person who installs or maintains wiring systems

(a) interior
(b) labor
(c) electrician
(d) flaw

5. n. flat receptacle used to hold other items; platter

(a) employee
(b) attire
(c) integrity
(d) tray

6. n. unit of time equal to 60 seconds; 1/60 of an hour; memo; protocol; memorandum

(a) system
(b) minute
(c) garment
(d) tender

7. n. occasion; instance; situation; bag

(a) airways
(b) manner
(c) harmony
(d) case

8. n. person who works in a skilled occupation; specialist

(a) match
(b) construction
(c) gymnasium
(d) professional

9. n. boss; person or company that hires people to do work

(a) confirmation
(b) discipline
(c) employer
(d) employment

10. n. sale of products to final consumers; sale of goods to end users

(a) judge
(b) admiration
(c) beverage
(d) retail

check you score :

1.d 2.c 3.b 4.c 5.d 6.b 7.d 8.d 9.c 10.d

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