Word Vocabulary Games - List of Nouns Verbs

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1. n. way into a building or other structure; gate; doorway

(a) entrance
(b) entertainer
(c) crowd
(d) cabinet

2. v. to add a footnote; to place a note that directs readers to another source of information (in a book, journal, etc.)

(a) reference
(b) grade
(c) should
(d) perceive

3. v. to outlive; to remain in use; to outlast; to endure; to withstand

(a) line
(b) survive
(c) raise
(d) disagree

4. n. collective enterprise; group endeavor; collaboration

(a) bankrupt
(b) joint venture
(c) boost
(d) speech

5. v. to capture; to assume control

(a) take over
(b) edge
(c) inspect
(d) unlock

6. v. to do; to carry out; to execute; to present; to arrange; to manage

(a) except
(b) perform
(c) tow
(d) talk

7. v. to make an outline; to draw up in written form; to conscript; to draw out and separate

(a) connote
(b) entrust
(c) draft
(d) fix

8. v. to decline; to deny; to turn down

(a) accord
(b) last
(c) plug
(d) reject

9. n. switch; icon to click on

(a) position
(b) blame
(c) button
(d) coverage

10. v. to give money for goods or to cancel debts; to settle; to be worthwhile; to be profitable

(a) tour
(b) anger
(c) extradite
(d) pay

check you score :

1.a 2.a 3.b 4.b 5.a 6.b 7.c 8.d 9.c 10.d

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