Vocabulary Sentence - Noun Vocabulary List

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1. n. fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines

(a) scan
(b) guide
(c) loop
(d) periodical

2. n. unity; agreement; accord; pleasing balance; symmetry

(a) comfort
(b) availability
(c) harmony
(d) nominee

3. n. expansion; increase in size; magnification

(a) purchase
(b) overlap
(c) enlargement
(d) watch

4. n. limit to which money may be withdrawn from the bank on credit

(a) coach
(b) overdraft
(c) accuracy
(d) value

5. n. heap; mound; wealth; fortune; group of buildings; dike; levee

(a) backup
(b) pile
(c) page
(d) complaint

6. n. entrance; permission to enter; confession

(a) discretion
(b) take
(c) outlet
(d) admission

7. n. enterprise; drive; ambition; beginning move in a process; first step

(a) bottom
(b) infancy
(c) initiative
(d) design

8. n. match; whole consisting of two parts; couple

(a) rival
(b) pair
(c) scan
(d) loyalty

9. n. voting, electing; counting of votes; number of votes; referendum

(a) diversification
(b) poll
(c) empty
(d) occasion

10. n. decline; reduction; lessening

(a) finance
(b) lease
(c) dash
(d) decrease

check you score :

1.c 2.c 3.c 4.b 5.b 6.d 7.c 8.b 9.b 10.d

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