Vocabulary Quizzes - Noun Adjective Vocabulary List

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1. n. exertion of force; application of weight; weight; burden; encumbrance

(a) pressure
(b) innocent
(c) travel
(d) preference

2. n. strength; power; force; bravery

(a) might
(b) nuance
(c) experiment
(d) cabinet

3. n. state of having committed a crime or offense; culpability; feeling of having done something wrong

(a) maintenance
(b) guilt
(c) confusion
(d) airways

4. n. vacillation; instability; wavering; inconstancy; change

(a) behind
(b) fluctuation
(c) variety
(d) realization

5. n. series (of stories, articles, reports etc.); recurring period of time

(a) cycle
(b) still
(c) search
(d) installment

6. n. computer which can serve many users simultaneously

(a) use
(b) salient
(c) mainframe
(d) explanation

7. adj. chosen for office but net yet formally installed

(a) regular
(b) elect
(c) key
(d) bonded

8. n. option; selection; variety

(a) choice
(b) dot
(c) faith
(d) salvage

9. n. act of making changes; alteration; proof sheet made to verify changes made and check for additional errors

(a) stack
(b) cast
(c) revise
(d) instrument

10. n. end; completion; conclusion; polish; something which completes or perfects

(a) prior
(b) transfer
(c) move
(d) finish

check you score :

1.a 2.a 3.b 4.b 5.a 6.c 7.b 8.a 9.c 10.d

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