Vocabulary Games - Examples of Nouns

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1. n. proficiency; skill; specialist knowledge and information

(a) productivity
(b) draw
(c) deal
(d) expertise

2. n. innovation; something new; discovery

(a) guarantee
(b) ignorance
(c) business
(d) novelty

3. n. passage; walkway (between rows of seats or shelves)

(a) establishment
(b) table
(c) triangle
(d) aisle

4. n. act of giving in to desire; something which gratifies; luxury; leniency

(a) broadcast
(b) charge
(c) intelligence
(d) indulgence

5. n. exterior or upper boundary of a thing; external part or layer; outward appearance

(a) request
(b) surface
(c) calculator
(d) dress code

6. n. a list of accounts receivable

(a) aging schedule
(b) load
(c) briefing
(d) cycle

7. n. long thin mark; row; border; domain; tactic

(a) alliance
(b) subscription
(c) line
(d) operator

8. n. obligation; need; requirement

(a) kit
(b) necessity
(c) receptionist
(d) potency

9. n. consequence; outcome; result; indirect suggestion; connotation; hint

(a) craft
(b) synthesis
(c) implication
(d) insert

10. n. amount collected at one time; income; proceeds; profits (Informal)

(a) part
(b) proposal
(c) product
(d) take

check you score :

1.d 2.d 3.d 4.d 5.b 6.a 7.c 8.b 9.c 10.d

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