Increase Vocabulary - English Nouns Verbs Adverbs

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1. n. assembly; meeting; convention; cluster; collection

(a) composure
(b) site
(c) gratuity
(d) gathering

2. v. to attempt to discover or test something; to try; to venture; to research

(a) postpone
(b) head
(c) experiment
(d) share

3. adv. inexpensively

(a) cheap
(b) overseas
(c) miserably
(d) already

4. v. to tie down

(a) chain
(b) renew
(c) support
(d) tackle

5. n. volume which can be contained or received; function; role; feature; potential

(a) capacity
(b) interview
(c) contractor
(d) scramble

6. v. to acquire; to procure; to secure; to earn; to achieve

(a) unveil
(b) obtain
(c) refurbish
(d) card

7. v. to save; to cut back; to be thrifty; to be frugal

(a) economize
(b) perform
(c) practice
(d) prolong

8. n. open public area in a city or town; park; square

(a) remove
(b) strategy
(c) common
(d) setup

9. v. to get well; to get back; to regain; to obtain again

(a) calendar
(b) hem
(c) recover
(d) need

10. n. something which makes up for a deficiency; addition; extra added part

(a) difficulty
(b) supplement
(c) ship
(d) barter

check you score :

1.d 2.c 3.a 4.a 5.a 6.b 7.a 8.c 9.c 10.b

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