English Vocabulary Words - English Nouns

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1. n. person whose job it is to supervise and examine; police officer ranking below a superintendent

(a) upholstery
(b) inspector
(c) paragraph
(d) counter

2. n. act of pretending; counterfeit; imitation of the operation or features of one system using an other system

(a) executive
(b) simulation
(c) combination
(d) clipping

3. n. distribution; liberation; transference

(a) bound
(b) delivery
(c) regard
(d) bullion

4. n. end; deduction; cognition; final decision

(a) readership
(b) conclusion
(c) colleague
(d) vacation

5. n. chase; quest; search; occupation; pastime

(a) pursuit
(b) supplier
(c) mortgage
(d) enough

6. n. preparedness; willingness; promptness; quickness

(a) coordinate
(b) move
(c) audit
(d) readiness

7. n. concept; thought; opinion; intention; plan

(a) facilitator
(b) idea
(c) plaid
(d) puzzle

8. n. automobile; elevator; vehicle; ride

(a) car
(b) expenditure
(c) back
(d) pipe

9. n. software program; written request; formal letter; implementation

(a) account
(b) hit
(c) cuisine
(d) application

10. n. cost; price; payment

(a) expense
(b) compliment
(c) pioneer
(d) issue

check you score :

1.b 2.b 3.b 4.b 5.a 6.d 7.b 8.a 9.d 10.a

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