Vocabulary Words - Example of Adjectives Adverbs Verbs Nouns

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1. adj. conquered; seized; filled; taken up; inhabited; populated

(a) bankrupt
(b) occupied
(c) express
(d) important

2. adv. apparently; seemingly; to all appearances

(a) originally
(b) yearly
(c) necessarily
(d) ostensibly

3. adj. sure; definite; particular; specific

(a) upcoming
(b) certain
(c) conscious
(d) drastic

4. adv. nearly; about; around; circa

(a) curtly
(b) probably
(c) approximately
(d) cordially

5. v. to go into; to join; to record; to inscribe

(a) stop
(b) revere
(c) enter
(d) supply

6. v. to lounge; to do nothing; to laze around

(a) invent
(b) account
(c) plate
(d) idle

7. v. to bore a hole; to practice; to train; to sow seeds in rows

(a) second
(b) allay
(c) appoint
(d) drill

8. adj. loyal; faithful; unchanging

(a) original
(b) steadfast
(c) sensitive
(d) crucial

9. v. to show; to display; to demonstrate; to present

(a) blunder
(b) exhibit
(c) ascertain
(d) convey

10. n. disregard; inattention; forgetfulness; abandonment

(a) support
(b) budget
(c) neglect
(d) pioneer

check you score :

1.b 2.d 3.b 4.c 5.c 6.d 7.d 8.b 9.b 10.c

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