Vocabulary Building Exercises - List of Adjectives

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1. adj. of a skilled occupation; working in one of the skilled occupations

(a) professional
(b) average
(c) repeat
(d) constant

2. adj. close at hand

(a) rubber
(b) nearby
(c) severe
(d) simple

3. adj. obligated; certain; fastened; tied

(a) absent
(b) intent
(c) ordinary
(d) bound

4. adj. wonderful; excellent; marvelous; grand; elegant; magnificent

(a) subject
(b) interior
(c) necessary
(d) splendid

5. adj. biased; dishonest

(a) congruent
(b) tremendous
(c) unfair
(d) quality

6. adj. equivalent to; equal to

(a) obligatory
(b) tantamount
(c) firm
(d) head

7. adj. major; chief; select; of the highest quality; excellent

(a) pocket
(b) prime
(c) eager
(d) periodical

8. adj. simulated; feigned; make-believe

(a) late
(b) interchangeable
(c) effusive
(d) pretend

9. adj. immediate; quick; urgent; pressing; present; current

(a) instant
(b) environmental
(c) pretend
(d) aggregate

10. adj. tiny; extremely small; trivial; petty; accurate

(a) minute
(b) traditional
(c) meticulous
(d) choice

check you score :

1.a 2.b 3.d 4.d 5.c 6.b 7.b 8.d 9.a 10.a

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