Vocabulary Building - English Nouns Verbs Adjectives

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1. n. educator; teacher; trainer

(a) instructor
(b) swap
(c) care
(d) profession

2. v. to arrange in proper order

(a) coordinate
(b) advertise
(c) call
(d) litter

3. n. commercial transaction; instance of offering goods at a reduced price; demand for merchandise; auction

(a) money supply
(b) repair
(c) commitment
(d) sale

4. v. to impersonate; to act in a role; to claim; to assert

(a) expose
(b) oversee
(c) impact
(d) pretend

5. n. act of forcefully taking possession of an area; seizure; conquest; possession or settlement of land

(a) control
(b) carriage
(c) occupation
(d) event

6. v. to annoy; to bother; to aggravate; to anger

(a) search
(b) subtract
(c) irritate
(d) figure

7. v. to visit; to spend time in a place; to remain temporarily; to lodge

(a) stay
(b) exact
(c) advance
(d) divert

8. n. compound; various objects that for m a unit

(a) complex
(b) relation
(c) prospectus
(d) sort

9. n. hold; understanding; knowledge; realization

(a) millennium
(b) grasp
(c) corner
(d) purchase

10. adj. careful; wanting to do what is right

(a) sufficient
(b) conscientious
(c) common
(d) efficient

check you score :

1.a 2.a 3.d 4.d 5.c 6.c 7.a 8.a 9.b 10.b

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