Vocabulary Test - List of Nouns Verbs

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1. n. dress; clothing; apparel

(a) research
(b) stance
(c) attire
(d) subject

2. n. extension of an archived file compressed with a special program; type of drive using removable disks

(a) hazard
(b) climb
(c) reply
(d) ZIP

3. n. certificate that bears monetary value; coupon; receipt; authorizer; endorser

(a) craft
(b) voucher
(c) discard
(d) avail

4. n. swindle; deceit; cheating; forgery; embezzlement

(a) fraud
(b) debut
(c) difficulty
(d) run

5. n. gift; contribution

(a) donation
(b) loyalty
(c) agreement
(d) manner

6. n. performance; operation; attainment; mission; success

(a) preference
(b) achievement
(c) feed
(d) confidence

7. v. to continue; to carry on; to advance; to progress; to move forward

(a) contest
(b) articulate
(c) proceed
(d) admonish

8. n. amount of money that has been borrowed; something borrowed; act of giving temporarily

(a) creditor
(b) loan
(c) point
(d) expectation

9. n. affiliate; office; industry; trade; business unit

(a) branch
(b) conference
(c) banquet
(d) collectible

10. n. repayment; something done to make up for (a loss, deficiency or fault)

(a) logistics
(b) compensation
(c) base
(d) productivity

check you score :

1.c 2.d 3.b 4.a 5.a 6.b 7.c 8.b 9.a 10.b

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