Vocabulary Test - Adjective Noun Verb Lists

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1. adj. renowned; having an unfavorable connotation; known for disgrace

(a) contemptuous
(b) notorious
(c) commodious
(d) complacent

2. n. person who abandons something, as a religion, cause or movement; traitor

(a) ennui
(b) longevity
(c) aptitude
(d) renegade

3. n. person who lives in a foreign country

(a) sagacity
(b) exposition
(c) invective
(d) expatriate

4. n. alliance; merging of various units into one unit; union

(a) aptness
(b) coalition
(c) prestige
(d) hoax

5. adj. engaged in war; hostile; aggressive

(a) devout
(b) whimsical
(c) nonchalant
(d) belligerent

6. adj. obedient; willing to submit; accountable; agreeable; responsible

(a) amenable
(b) machiavellian
(c) dispassionate
(d) banal

7. v. to express disapproval of; to protest against; to disparage; belittle

(a) promulgate
(b) blemish
(c) deprecate
(d) flaunt

8. v. to reduce; to empty; to exhaust; to consume; to use up

(a) abandon
(b) expatriate
(c) ensue
(d) deplete

9. adj. convenient in obtaining a result; guided by self-interest; advantageous; beneficial; worthwhile

(a) ignominious
(b) affable
(c) exotic
(d) expedient

10. n. indirect remark; insinuation; suggestion; intimation; hint

(a) ennui
(b) innuendo
(c) festoon
(d) integrity

check you score :

1.b 2.d 3.d 4.b 5.d 6.a 7.c 8.d 9.d 10.b

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